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Phone Consultation FAQs

What support can the Green Doctor offer on the phone?

The Green Doctor will be able to offer you advice on how to save energy around your home. Much like with a home visit, the Green Doctor will offer advice on a room by room basis and will identify where you might be able to save money and energy.

How long will the call last?

The call will last between 45 – 60 minutes, depending on your particular energy needs.

What is the difference between a home visit and a telephone consultation?

The Green Doctor won’t be able to install small measures in your home, however we will note down what you would like to receive and will do our best to provide these to you at a later date.

How should I prepare for the telephone consultation?

To help us give you the best advice, please have your energy bills to hand. During the consultation, we will also ask you some questions about the age of your boiler and if any repairs in the home are required. Don't worry if you don't have all the information to hand, as you can always share this information with us at a later date where possible.

Can a Green Doctor still help me switch tariff?

The Green Doctor will be able to give you advice on your bills and what tariff might be best for you. Please have your utility bills to hand when you receive your call so that the Green Doctor can ask questions about what you are being charged.

Can I still get advice on my gas, electricity or water arrears?

Yes, the Green Doctor will be able to advise you on support available for any energy or water debt that you may have. Where possible, the Green Doctor will be able to fill out a form and, with your consent, apply directly on your behalf for a grant.

Will I be charged for this service?

No, both the home visits and telephone consultations are absolutely free. We receive funding from local authorities and housing associations to support this service, so it won't cost you a penny.

If I do have a home visit at a later date, who will be coming to my house?

Our friendly team of Green Doctors are trained Energy advisors who provide advice on energy saving, energy bills, and heating systems. There will be one or two Green Doctors who carry out the visit and they will ring you beforehand to let you know they are on their way, and to check if the time is still convenient. All Green Doctors carry an ID badge which they will happily show you on arrival.

I have arranged a telephone consultation but it isn’t a convenient time any more. Can I change it?

Yes, give us a call on 0300 365 3005 or email GreenDoctorsLDN@groundwork.org.uk to reschedule.

I think the Green Doctor service would be useful to my friend / relative. How can I refer them?

You can refer someone by passing us their contact details (please let them know we will ring!) or they can contact us. Please bear in mind our eligibility criteria when you refer people.

Do you ever run events for the Green Doctor service?

We do! For the time being, we are not running any community events as a precautionary measure but we can deliver frontline training to staff over the phone or via telephone. Please contact us to find out more.

I have another question not covered here in the FAQs.

Please give us a call on 0300 365 3005 or email GreenDoctorsLDN@groundwork.org.uk regarding any other question you may have about our Green Doctor Service.