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Energy advice drop in session

Welcome to our Green Doctor energy advice drop-in session page!

Our Green Doctors are here to help, we know it is sometimes important to speak to someone face to face. This is why we host drop-in sessions at venues across Kent where you can book in to have a consultation in person and speak to a team member face to face about your energy concerns. We update our locations and availability on a monthly basis so look out for when we are near you! These advice sessions can help with:

  • Support with energy and water debt by accessing/applying eligible discounts
  • Practical energy advice to reduce energy waste and lower bills
  • Checking for cheaper tariffs and deals
  • Assessing bills & explaining statements
  • Onward referrals for help with food, white goods and warm items
  • Providing free energy saving measures & explaining their use
  • Accessing grants for insulation measures or repairs relating to energy performance

*To prepare please arrive with your latest bill statements and any letters relating to your queries.

Upcoming drop-in dates:

  • 2nd November; Golding Homes offices (ME14 1ST) – email us to book
  • 22nd November;Golding Homes offices (ME14 1ST) – email us to book

Housekeeping: Please only select one time slot for a consultation so everyone who wants to sign up gets a fair selection of slots. We will contact you a few days prior to the event to remind you of your booking.

If you need help booking a slot, want to ask questions or request us to run a drop-in session near you please feel free to contact us on 0800 233 5255 or greendoctorsouth@groundwork.org.uk

Interested in having a Green Doctor drop-in session at your venue? Please contact our team by phone or email.